Write SOAP Notes Faster with Apollo PT Software

Are you still typing up and printing SOAP notes to mail to insurance companies? It’s time to stop clinging to this inefficient system. If your practice intends to move towards adapting Electronic Health Records (EHR), then you need a simple, intuitive, and easy to use interface. You can’t go wrong with Apollo’s PT practice management software, which is designed by physical therapists for the unique requirements of fellow physical therapists.

The SOAP note is a documentation method that has long been used by physical therapists and other health care providers—and it will continue to be the standard. After all, this is extremely useful and efficient for monitoring a patient’s progress and follow-up care requirements. It also allows health care providers to document and share information in a systematic universal manner that is easy to read. Modern EMR systems are actually byproducts of the SOAP note methodology. This is why many physical therapists prefer to use practice management software equipped with SOAP note template creation capabilities.

One of the best EHR systems today is Apollo’s PT practice management software, which allows users to fully customize SOAP notes by creating forms, descriptions, comments, and sections on their own. This software makes it so much easier to write SOAP notes accurately and effectively, with significantly reduced chances of errors.

Ready-made templates that can be customized

Apollo provides well-structured templates that users can use as they are or quickly customized based on their requirements. Add or delete content, copy template structures from the SOAP library to the destination, change template titles, etc.—you have complete control.

Easy to read

Apollo’s PT software allows users to see the entire SOAP note in a vertical format for easy reading. All sections—Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan, PQRS, G-codes, Billing—can be kept open for easy reference. Simply click ‘edit’ at the bottom to edit a particular section prior to finalizing the note.

Billing made simple

Billing is made much easier by Apollo’s practice management software, too. The system allows many different ways to input a charge entry depending on the clinic’s preference. Charge entries automatically show up on both the note and the bill, therefore allowing users to fulfill two tasks in one go. The actual entry is inputted through a billing code translator that allows the physical therapist (or any user who is not familiar with billing) to key in the correct CPT code.

Time-saving features

Users who need to key in similar details as previous SOAP notes can do so quickly because Apollo’s PT practice management software can carry forward recently-added SOAP details to a newly-added SOAP note. Modifying notes that have been marked as ‘completed’ is not allowed for security purposes, but users can create addendums as needed. Tasks that are otherwise redundant and time-consuming are made so much easier.

Apollo understands that no two PT practices are exactly the same. This is why it provides highly customizable practice management software that allows users to preserve their clinic’s systems, branding, and identity. Check out the website to know more about what it can do for your practice.

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