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We offer a full suite of iPhone app development services including strategy, design, programming, testing and maintenance.

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Over 200 Apps Delivered, Collectively Downloaded Over 2 Million Times
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iPhone App Development Company

Custom Software Lab is an iPhone app development company that offers a full suite of iPhone application development services including strategy, design, programming, testing, deployment and maintenance. We provide proven, high-quality, and flexible iPhone application development for start-ups, agencies, and established companies across diverse industries. We have broad experience with the iOS SDK, key iOS frameworks, Objective C programming, back-end development and iTunes App Store submission.

Has your business gone mobile?

Mobile handheld devices is how business is conducted in today's environment. Our creative and experienced iPhone developers can deliver new innovative native apps from scratch or enhance an existing iPhone software currently on the market.

Turn Your Concept Into Profit

Whether your desire is to develop an iPhone app that will generate millions of downloads ( and $) per year, or an iPhone app that is geared towards improving and extending business efficiency and boundaries, Custom Software Lab knows what it takes to deliver a successful mobile app to the market.

  • iOS App Strategy

    Our experienced consultants help you to devise the roadmap for successful implementation, launch, and customer acquisition.

  • iOS App Design

    User experience and User interface are inseparable and form an overall impression of your product. Our iPhone UI/UX app developers specialize in rendering attractive UI & UX designs to ensure smooth interactions.

  • iOS App Development

    Tech stacks comprising of individual experts who work as a team to help you build scalable, secure iOS apps to innovate and influence your audience.

  • iOS App Testing

    Our iOS application testing services help businesses deliver fantastic user experiences. Our QA services are fast, scalable, and trusted by top brands.

  • Enterprise iOS Apps

    We have a strong team of iPhone iOS app developers working on enterprise iPhone apps for fortune 1000 clients

  • iOS Game Development

    Using the latest iOS game development tools and integrating the newest technologies, we deliver games that entertain and offer outstanding gameplay and graphics. We go the extra mile to ensure that your users have a captivating experience.

Why Choose Custom Software Lab
  • Operational Excellence

    Operational Excellence

    Custom software lab has been building software solutions since 2000, we have over 20 years of experience in building software for the web, mobile and the cloud. We have experience in integrating with pretty much every popular CRM, ERP and Book keeping solution there is, our industry experience in ecommerce, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing and IT is unmatched. The ability of our engineers to quickly use pre-built modules from our code library to deliver a cost effective solution for the customers business needs is what makes us a leader in the custom software industry.

  • 360° Approach

    360° Approach

    From the conception of an idea to the deployment of your software, Custom Software Lab offers a 360 degree approach to software development. Our comprehensive software development services begin with a round of in depth discussions that gives us the clarity to fully understand your needs. By doing this, we establish an in-depth knowledge of your business to ensure your software is geared towards achieving your business goals. We then deliver a software solution that clearly meets all objectives.

  • Client-Centricity


    We’ve helped hundreds of clients including corporations, private businesses and individuals - from healthcare providers to restaurants to entertainers. Starting from the beginning with the planning phase to ending with implementation, we work with you through every phase of software creation. Each and every step of the process is client focused and designed to provide you, the client a strong competitive edge while addressing issues like the overhead costs of day to day business operations and IT resourcing challenges.

  • Domain Expertise

    Domain Expertise

    Our experienced team has in-depth knowledge of hundreds of industries, what the trends are, how the industry is shaping up and what things will impact your specific industry. With extensive domain expertise and years of experience with different technologies, we deliver successful results that are proportionate with all of your specified requirements, while staying within budget and time limits. We offer a full range of custom software solutions for a wide variety of business domains.

  • Time-to-Market


    With years of software development experience, Custom Software Lab offers complete software development services to deploy the highest quality customized software with speed. With more than 20 years of experience in software development services, our extensive code library helps keep development time low while keeping quality high.

  • A-Class Team

    A-Class Team

    With over 20 years of experience building software solutions we’ve set ourselves apart from the competition. We have witnessed every functionality and worked in almost every industry. Our most valuable resource is our staff. We are not just a company made up of highly skilled individuals…we are a team that prides itself on collaboration and teamwork. Throughout our years in operation, we have assembled a strong mixture of motivated, loyal, and highly skilled development professionals.

Iphone Features We Have Experience With:

  • GPS & location services
  • Game kit integration
  • Push notifications & alerts
  • Any external API integration
  • Social media
  • Custom business workflows
  • Custom iPhone utilities
  • QR code scanning
  • OCR
  • Audio/Video chat
  • In-built payment integrations

Your customers are already using iPhones, iPads, laptops and mobile devices. You can use these technologies to ensure that customers can always access your company information and services. Each Custom Software Lab mobile app developer is an expert in mobile application development and generates many creative ideas that can help you get your business information to the most popular and fascinating mobile application platforms, including iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

FAQ on iPhone App Development

With mobile apps, it's easy to treat users with a personalized experience. Apps can help track customers' tastes and preferences and offer custom recommendations and updates. Apps also deal with private and sensitive user data like personal health information or banking information. With stringent security features in place, the iOS platform ensures that the data is safe and secured at all times.
Simply put there are 4 phases in mobile app development. Design, Development, Quality assurance testing, Go live. Custom Software Lab has independent departments for each of these phases and some can run in parallel too.
Customer data must always be transacted on an encrypted connection, sensitive data should be encrypted at rest and data retention / sale policies should be explicitly mentioned on the terms and conditions. Custom Software Lab has an independent dev ops and security team that consults with our clients for best security practices.
Custom Software Lab digital marketing team runs organic and paid campaigns for over 100 mobile apps. We will be happy to help you market the app when its ready for business.
Custom Software Lab engineers are available anytime to make changes, fixes, consult on new needs and advise on upgrades when new versions of phones is released. We manage apps long term and also offer end user support if needed.

Case Studies


Duryea's restaurant – famous for its family-style seafood and breathtaking waterfront setting on Fort Pond Bay – needed an app that would help them deliver better services to their guests. They wanted to focus on core food preparation, serving activities and bolstering the rest of the backend activities through its app.

Custom Software Lab helped build them an app that will help their patrons to request a table, place an order, book the beautiful waterfront property of Duryea's restaurant for their special event, and watch a live stream of the Duryea's restaurant famous sunsets. The app allows the restaurant to serve a large number of customers at the same time and provides a new avenue for marketing and promotion by raising awareness about the restaurant.


Doobert helps to bring animal shelters and rescue organizations together on a common platform to simplify the animal rescue process, allowing rescues to focus time and resources on saving more animals.

Here are some of the features we added to the app:

New Transports: Users can create new trips that include crucial details such as the starting and endpoint of the transport route, date, and type of transport. This helps to bridge the gap between rescue shelters and volunteers as volunteers can quickly choose the transport route and medium that is best for them.


HR software is among the hardest to build. Every company conducts employee evaluations in their own unique way. There are only a few common elements from company to company that we usually look for when building SaaS software. From job titles, methodology and job goals, everything is customized for the individual company.

The job was to deliver a software that included simple mobile friendly evaluations, job profile clarity, powerful reporting, creative processes to engage employees and to top it all off with project profitability tracking in the same cloud based software suite.


Fast Exact is a one stop solution for providing fast and effective transportation solutions with precise and dependable service to hundreds of companies of all sizes. With more than 30 years of experience in transportation and shipping requirements, Fast Exact ensures that all shipments arrive on time across the country.

Fast Exact's current website was outdated with an obsolete design and primitive features. What Fast Exact wanted was a new, revamped website with a modern approach to responsive design to put them ahead of the curve and ahead of their competitors.

Fast Exact

Over 20 years of experience in building software for smart devices, cloud and SaaS.

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