How AI Is Transforming Mobile Application Development

Over the past several years, artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile learning (ML) have created a massive impact on the way humans interact with machines, and the demand for experiences that are more tailored to the individual user is growing every day.

The world of mobile application has continuously grown and improved over the past decade thanks to the evolution of AI in conjunction with ever increasing user engagement.

Most industries today realize that artificial intelligence and mobile learning are the biggest thing in the technological world that is transforming the way we interact with the world around us. What was previously only a technology seen in sci-fi movies, today everything from media, to the way we travel, to chatbots and virtual assistants, to advertising and self driving cars are adapting and understanding our behaviors through the use of AI and ML.


How AI is beneficial for mobile application development

As the world has become more “on demand”, the need for a more personalized experience is increasing rapidly by the day. An experienced mobile app development company understands that today, personal and predictive experience is not only important for our personal use, but is a must in the business world as well.

There have been a great deal of recent advancements in AI. Investment into the understanding of arranging, assembling, and amassing data input which applications congregate and feed into the machine learning algorithm is a must.

What does all this mean for your company?

Empowering Search Engines

Perhaps one of the most common and most popular advancements in Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the use of voice search and voice commands. Before, customers used search bars to type in their queries. Today, it has become as simple as asking your virtual assistant to search for something for you. Instead of logging in on your computer, or unlocking your smartphone, something as simple as “hey google what’s the best rated restaurant near me” gives users the quick answer they seek and points them in the direction of your business.

You can even respond to text messages without typing thanks to voice command.

Blend of AI and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Blend of AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) Strong artificial intelligence is able to interact with other smart devices and computers by gathering real-time data to make transformations within a device. Over time, these smart devices will learn to operate on their own based on consumer input. It is vital that a mobile app development company and its developers take all the necessary steps to integrate AI with IOT to transfer data between devices, thereby helping to increase
conversion rates.

Smartphone Cameras Are Getting Better

One of the biggest areas where custom android app development and android phone manufacturers are making great strides in respect to AI and ML is with the smartphone camera. These advanced cameras can now detect the subject within the frame, like food or fireworks, and adjust the settings accordingly for the best image possible.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning can now also easily identify and enhance facial features for superb portrait images automatically.

More advanced features are even capable of counting the number of calories you are eating from a simple photo of your food, or provide information to businesses as to how and where their products are being used when photos are posted to social media platforms.

Translate Languages in Real-Time

Translate Languages in Real-Time Translation apps are now pretty common and easily available, but most of these apps require an internet connection in order to translate text from one language to another.

By integrating AI and ML into your app, smartphones will be able to translate from one language to another, in a multitude of languages, without the need of an internet connection.

Emotion Recognition

One of the rising stars in AI development is emotion recognition. We have now reached a point in our technological advancement that we can incorporate AI and ML into our apps to capture micro expressions. By capturing subtle body language cues and vocal inflection, software is now able to read human emotions through image and voice data processing. Companies can use these analytics to enhance the consumer experience by identifying the need for product or service upgrades, or get inspiration for new product ideas.

Facial Unlock Systems

Facial Unlock Systems Thanks to Apple’s launch of the iPhone X in 2017, facial recognition unlock has become one of the most popular features on Android smartphones, not only because of ease of use, but also for the added layer of security. These systems use AI and ML based algorithms to identify an individual’s face in order to unlock the phone and the various apps installed on it. It is expected that in the years to follow, smartphone makers will implement even more advanced AI and ML to identify a person as their facial features  change, like growing a beard or wearing glasses.

High App Verification

As the use of smartphones has increased, so has the need for more advanced security. Because of the ever present threat of cyber attacks, one of the biggest concerns for Android developers is cyber security. By analyzing user behavior, AI and ML have reduced concerns and issues by alerting consumers to possible threats and vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, the monumental growth of AI and ML can be attributed to the fact that more and more businesses are becoming increasingly more focused on internet influencers and advertisers who are using micro targeting to broaden their reach and expand their customer base.

By including AI in app development, business marketers will increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

What are you waiting for? Contact Custom Software Lab today to find out how we can help you use AI and ML to increase the value of your business.

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