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About Client:

With more than 30 years of experience, Fast Exact is a one-stop solution for all transportation and shipping requirements. The company offers expedited, dedicated truck Hot-shot services. Offering the latest in technology and equipment, Fast Exact ensures shipments arrive on time, every time, across the city or across the country, while providing on-time and dependable service to hundreds of companies of all sizes.


After working for more than 30 years in the logistic industry, Fast Exact wanted to develop an app to help every player in the industry Track and Trace drivers/carriers and help customers locate their products. With a vision to bring a change in handling the complex process of the Tracking & Tracing aspect of the business, the client wanted to bring the latest technology to all the industry players, from freight brokers and fleet owners to freight forwarders.  Fast Exact desired to partner with a mobile app development company and develop a seamless system that helps them monitor the vehicle’s movement throughout the entire shipment cycle.


Custom Software Lab delved deep into understanding the complexities of the logistics industry. After going through the intricate mechanisms of how the transport industry operates, we proposed to design an app with state-of-the-art technology built to work on all Android and Apple devices. The goal was to offer an automated Track and Trace system for brokered loads that address the transport industry’s needs and provide pertinent information from start to finish. Here are some of the notable features of this app:

  • Live view dashboard with 24/7 tracking
  • Upload all documents related to a shipment directly from App
  • Find fuel, towing, & mechanics based on the driver’s location.
  • Offer real-time location of the vehicle accurate to 15 meters
  • Helping to plan the delivery routes with real-time alerts for traffic and breakdown information 
  • Take POD signature on the phone to make the entire delivery process seamless, transparent, and hassle-free for both customers and clients
  • Watch Board to offer Direct access to all critical information, right from monitoring the fleet to loads on the entire fleet throughout the day
  • Transmit load delivery photos and access BOL image promptly from the Watch Board         
  • Instantly send the invoice along with paperwork to the customer
  • Offer a seamless solution to manage customers, salespeople, carriers, drivers, fleets, brokers, and other important players

Other important features:

  • Automated arrival & departure alerts
  • Logs of phone calls and messages sent and received
  • Logs of detailed texts and calls
  • In-depth details about driver’s activity: Breaks, fuel stops, deviations from the route, or non-movement of the vehicle.
  • Detailed reports for analysis
  • Assign shipments based on Geolocation


As a result of seamless execution, Custom Software Lab designed a feature-rich app to streamline the freight process. The transport industry was able to maximize the logistics business’s potential with the smart tracking and delivery app system. With outstanding IT support and an innovative automated system, the app has successfully helped both carriers and customers simplify the complex and challenging nature of the logistics and supply chain management industry.

Asset directories such as customizable fields, photo tagging, audit trail modules, interactive maps, reporting tools, etc., help increase response time with accurate data and get a one-stop solution for all validation and processes. Easy access to logistics app solutions has reduced manual input and improved communications across the supply chain.

Do you want to develop an on-field app for your business? Custom Software Lab offers custom Android app development and iPhone app development Services for your logistics company.

Fast Exact Application Development

Fast Exact- Custom Application Development

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