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We work on all mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android,  and Hybrids like IONIC and HTML5

Mobile Platforms we work on
Mobile App Development

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    Over 200 Apps Delivered, Collectively Downloaded Over 2 Million Times
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    Advanced Mobile App Development Company

    Custom Software Lab is a leading mobile app development company that designs and develops native apps on iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile platforms.

    Advanced Mobile App Development Company
    Advanced Mobile App Development Company
    Advanced Mobile App Development Company
    Advanced Mobile App Development Company
    Advanced Mobile App Development Company

    Our mobile app development experience includes:

    • Business workflow processes
    • Mobile product development
    • Productivity apps, plugin’s & utilities
    • Mobile HTML 5 web applications
    • Shopping & E-commerce
    • Porting to native mobile platforms
    • Games and multimedia apps
    • Web-based back-end integration
    • Barcode & inventory management
    Why Choose Custom Software Lab
    • Operational Excellence

      Operational Excellence

      Custom software lab has been building software solutions since 2000, we have over 20 years of experience in building software for the web, mobile and the cloud. We have experience in integrating with pretty much every popular CRM, ERP and Book keeping solution there is, our industry experience in ecommerce, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing and IT is unmatched. The ability of our engineers to quickly use pre-built modules from our code library to deliver a cost effective solution for the customers business needs is what makes us a leader in the custom software industry.

    • 360° Approach

      360° Approach

      From the conception of an idea to the deployment of your software, Custom Software Lab offers a 360 degree approach to software development. Our comprehensive software development services begin with a round of in depth discussions that gives us the clarity to fully understand your needs. By doing this, we establish an in-depth knowledge of your business to ensure your software is geared towards achieving your business goals. We then deliver a software solution that clearly meets all objectives.

    • Client-Centricity


      We’ve helped hundreds of clients including corporations, private businesses and individuals - from healthcare providers to restaurants to entertainers. Starting from the beginning with the planning phase to ending with implementation, we work with you through every phase of software creation. Each and every step of the process is client focused and designed to provide you, the client a strong competitive edge while addressing issues like the overhead costs of day to day business operations and IT resourcing challenges.

    • Domain Expertise

      Domain Expertise

      Our experienced team has in-depth knowledge of hundreds of industries, what the trends are, how the industry is shaping up and what things will impact your specific industry. With extensive domain expertise and years of experience with different technologies, we deliver successful results that are proportionate with all of your specified requirements, while staying within budget and time limits. We offer a full range of custom software solutions for a wide variety of business domains.

    • Time-to-Market


      With years of software development experience, Custom Software Lab offers complete software development services to deploy the highest quality customized software with speed. With more than 20 years of experience in software development services, our extensive code library helps keep development time low while keeping quality high.

    • A-Class Team

      A-Class Team

      With over 20 years of experience building software solutions we’ve set ourselves apart from the competition. We have witnessed every functionality and worked in almost every industry. Our most valuable resource is our staff. We are not just a company made up of highly skilled individuals…we are a team that prides itself on collaboration and teamwork. Throughout our years in operation, we have assembled a strong mixture of motivated, loyal, and highly skilled development professionals.

    Our Process

    From design ideas to consulting and development, our end-to-end services are optimized and streamlined to deliver the best industry solutions.

    • Planning

      Every app starts with an idea. We deeply analyze that idea to devise the best plan of action to get the concept rolling. We bring our experience to the table to help future app owners build the perfect product strategy for their app.

    • UI/UX Branding

      When it comes to beautiful UI and engaging UX for your mobile app, at Custom Software Lab we leave no leaf unturned to make it happen. Good user experience is the only thing that can separate your mobile app from your competitors. We use a human-centered design approach to create web and mobile apps that are easy to use, make sense, and have a real impact.

    • App Development

      This is the step where actual application development is done. A lot goes into developing a mobile app before it is ready to be presented. We add functionality to our designs to roll out the first functional prototypes. Our mobile app developers work tirelessly to ensure that the resulting product matches your vision. After all, excellence knows no bounds.

    • Quality and Testing

      No matter how attractive and engaging an app is, users will abandon it if the app crashes often or is vulnerable to hacker attacks. Our QA engineers will ensure that your app, including backend functionality, works like clockwork to meet the users' needs to the fullest.

    FAQs on Mobile App Development
    Absolutely! As a mobile app development company with years of experience, our dedicated team of expert developers will not only help you turn your idea into reality, but we will help you improve on that idea as well. We provide mobile app development services specifically for Android, Apple iOS and create apps that run on the iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices.
    As a leading mobile app development company, Custom Software Lab creates apps in-house from the ground up based on your specific needs and ideas. Once your app development is complete, we will remain dedicated to keeping your app up to date, adding functionality, and eliminating any bugs. We also assist as needed with regular updates allowing you to focus on your business, not your app status.
    Custom Software Lab is a leading mobile application development company that can develop various types of mobile applications, including custom and hybrid mobile apps. Our expert developers are proficient in hybrid, custom, and cross-platform app development. Deciding which mobile app type you need will depend on your targeted audience and project requirements. We listen to your wants and needs to suggest which platform you should use and what type of app development will offer the best advantages to your business.
    As a leading mobile app development company, Custom Software Lab provides after-market app support to clients as needed. Our expert team of mobile app developers is here to assist you based on the type of changes or requirements you may have. Certain modifications may require an additional fee.
    There are several factors that a mobile app development company takes into consideration when estimating the cost of a custom app, including your preferences and the complexity of the mobile app. Other factors that we take into consideration are which platform will be used, types of graphics required, sound effects, etc. Simply reach out to us with your needs and requirements and we will gladly put together a price estimate for your project.

    Mobile App Development Services

    Mobile technologies are evolving every day, from new hardware to faster software routines. We keep abreast of all technological advancements to ensure your mobile app uses the best that technology has to offer.

    • Android App Development

      The Google Android platform is the most popular platform on the planet. We enjoy working on this platform due to the flexibility and reach of the operating system.

    • Iphone Application Development

      Xcode is a very mature development environment that offers a powerful uniform set of systems for a developer to use, since the operating system only runs on iPhones. Programming is predictable but restrictive at the same time.

    • Cross Platform Applications

      HTML5 apps are a new reality. These apps are multi platform and are easy to build. If your app does not need to speak with the phone hardware too much then HTML5 is a great choice.

    Mobile App Development Services

    Over 20 years of experience in building software for smart devices, cloud and SaaS.

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