Custom Field Rep Apps Programming

We work on the Android, iOS platforms to create apps for on-field reps. Apps are compatible with off the shelf phones and specialized hard case devices from Zebra to meet specific business needs.

Over 2000 Custom Software Solutions Delivered
  • Senior Safety App
  • Tax Terminal
  • Leafpon

Let’s Develop Your Field Rep App

Custom Software Lab has been designing and supporting highly customized business process workflow automation on field apps for over fifteen years. From tracking location, updating project status, live estimates, e-signatures, and sales rep support apps we have built systems that make a big difference in on-field reps productivity.

Reasons for an on-field rep app

  • 24/7 location tracking with history
  • Quick and accurate updates to project status
  • Access to analytical information from your ERP at their finger tips
  • Better communication with customers
  • Collaboration with other reps on the field
  • Enforcement of processes and policies
  • Easy tracking of targets to be achieved
  • Produce faster responses to mission-critical problems
  • Eliminate paper-driven processes
  • Enforce accountability
  • Create a happier workforce
  • Permit real-time transparency on activities
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Why Should I Use A On-field Rep App?

  • Get live status reports from the field
    Get live status reports from the field

    It is often imperative to deliver information to your on-field reps on time and get updates from them so the business process does not wait for them to come back to the office.

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    Streamline and simplify

    By letting reps on-field use a mobile app instead of a computer in the office you avoid double entry, improve their efficiency, reduce travel time and reduce communication lag.

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    Gain visibility in real time

    An on-field app will collect information in real-time and generate alerts using pre-defined rules, this helps you find problems immediately and resolve them before they affect the business.

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    Increases Productivity

    A custom on-field app lets the rep focus on the job at hand instead of communication, information about estimates, stock availability, geographically close pickups and other pertinent information is now available at their fingertips.

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    Automate Business Processes

    Confusion about the next step can create productivity losses, an on-field app can be programmed to drive the on-field rep towards successful project completion. Each step can include training, support material, videos and technologies like augmented reality can assist them in doing their jobs effectively.

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    Zero Discrepancy

    A correctly deployed on-field app will deliver on the promise of zero discrepancies, as all the data is entered and validated on the device before being pushed directly into your CRM or ERP the problems of data discrepancies will become a thing of the past

Case Studies


Doobert helps to bring animal shelters and rescue organizations together on a common platform to simplify the animal rescue process, allowing rescues to focus time and resources on saving more animals.

Here are some of the features we added to the app:

New Transports: Users can create new trips that include crucial details such as the starting and endpoint of the transport route, date, and type of transport. This helps to bridge the gap between rescue shelters and volunteers as volunteers can quickly choose the transport route and medium that is best for them.


HR software is among the hardest to build. Every company conducts employee evaluations in their own unique way. There are only a few common elements from company to company that we usually look for when building SaaS software. From job titles, methodology and job goals, everything is customized for the individual company.

The job was to deliver a software that included simple mobile friendly evaluations, job profile clarity, powerful reporting, creative processes to engage employees and to top it all off with project profitability tracking in the same cloud based software suite.


Fast Exact is a one stop solution for providing fast and effective transportation solutions with precise and dependable service to hundreds of companies of all sizes. With more than 30 years of experience in transportation and shipping requirements, Fast Exact ensures that all shipments arrive on time across the country.

Fast Exact's current website was outdated with an obsolete design and primitive features. What Fast Exact wanted was a new, revamped website with a modern approach to responsive design to put them ahead of the curve and ahead of their competitors.

Fast Exact

Over 20 years of experience in building software for smart devices, cloud and SaaS.

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