Child Safety & Tracker: A child tracking app from Custom Software Lab

Meet the client:

Dr. Devikaa Manghnani, a renowned reconstructive surgeon, came up with an idea to use technology that would build a bridge between the children and their family members, with neither of them feeling intrusive. 


In her 15-year long career, Dr. Devikaa met several parents and children. One such patient was an 18-year old girl with an amputated leg. Her parents or any emergency help could not reach her after the accident because no one was aware of her location. The client felt the need to build an app that was simple, easy to use, and also gave children a safety net in case of an emergency. Dr. Devikaa contacted Custom Software Lab to design an app that is driven solely towards the needs of parents, young kids, and teens. 


Our team dived deep into the project to understand the unique requirements of busy parents and teens alike, and devised a core strategy to build the app. Our team also worked closely with Dr. Devikaa, taking her critical inputs while designing the app features. We hoped to develop an app that will make parenting easier, increase security within the family, and provide a way for busy parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts and mobile phone activities.

Here are some of the features we added to the website:

Easy to use: The app can be installed directly on any smartphone via Google Play Store.

SOS button: A nifty button on the screen to summon help during emergencies.

Geo-fencing: The app sends you geofence alerts for whenever your kids enter or exit the “safe zones” or geographical boundaries that you have pre-set and configured.

App usage monitoring: The app send you daily reports on your children’s app usage to keep a bird’s eye view of their online activities

Phone battery alerts: Sends you an alert when your child’s phone batteries are about to run out.

Health data: The app saves pertinent emergency health information, such as your child’s allergies, medical conditions, doctor/pediatrician details, and blood type.

High G-force tracking: Will send an alert if the phone experiences high G-forces that may result from reckless driving or violent and sudden movements.

Location monitoring: Tracks the real-time location of the target device to protect kids when they wander to unsafe locations.

High Noise Alert: Noise has been shown to contribute to a child’s stress and can even cause lasting harm to young ears. This alert lets you know if your child is in a noisy environment.

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After successfully launching the app on the play store, the app has received tremendous response from both parents and children alike. Parents love the app, and so do their children. The app offers powerful tools to help parents keep track of issues such as online predators, teen depression, cyberbullying, reckless driving, and other safety risks. Child Safety & Tracker app helps keep a close watch on kids while they are out and about -giving them the much-needed independence while offering parents a sense of security that they are in control of their kid’s lives.

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Child Safety & Tracker: A child tracking app from Custom Software Lab

Child Safety & Tracker: A child tracking app from Custom Software LabChild Safety & Tracker: A child tracking app from Custom Software Lab

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