Duryea’s Restaurant – iOS And Android App For A Fine-dining Restaurant

Meet the client:

Duryea’s restaurant – a Montauk staple for decades – is famous for its breathtaking waterside view of Fort Pond Bay, bleached wood tables, and fresh local seafood served family-style. The guests visit this lovely restaurant to enjoy its incredible menu, magnificent views, and impeccable service.


Duryea’s restaurant wanted to focus on its core activities – serving lip-smacking food and offering professional, friendly services to its patrons. They were looking for a mobile app development company that can help them manage the rest of the back-end activities through an app. Additionally, the owners wanted to bolster their booking system during peak and off-peak hours to increase revenue and streamline its booking system. The client had their digital transformation strategy laid-out perfectly and required a specific enterprise mobility solution to turn their ideas into a reality.


After auditing the company’s requirements and expectations, Custom Software Lab offered customized technology solutions to match. Duryea’s restaurant’s app design process was an exciting creative challenge for the Custom Software Lab design team. We planned to broaden their app’s horizons with extended functionality, strong usability, and finger-licking appearance.

Here are some of the functionalities we added to the app:

Book a table: VIP members of the restaurant can now directly book their table from the app using an invite. This saves their precious time as they need not input a great deal of information to reserve their table.

Place an order:  Designed an interactive menu to help customers browse the food they want to order. This also facilitates contactless dining in the wake of current events.

Special event: Duryea is famous for its mesmerizing sunset views. Now, customers can book this beautiful waterfront property for their special occasion by merely sending a request through the app.

Admin rights: Easy content management system lets the restaurant edit the content without needing a separate web console or service. The admin can now send reservation codes, oversee booking management, export customer data, and make changes to their menu without needing external help.

Live webcam: Famous for its beautiful sunsets, the app offers customers a chance to watch them on a live stream. Patrons can enjoy the romantic shades of red and orange across the sky as the sun descends below the horizon.


The solution designed and developed by Custom Software Lab met all of the expectations of Duryea’s promoters. The introduction of an online menu and online booking options has helped clients to increase transparency and efficiency. The app has helped the restaurant create a loyal client base, study customer data, and learn to offer better services to their patrons. They can now use this data to increase business. The overall software quality increased the customer satisfaction level, thereby increasing our client’s revenue and customer retention by a considerable margin.

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Duryea’s restaurant - Menu

Book table online - Duryea’s

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