Senior Safety App is a FREE, unobtrusive app built to keep seniors safe. Senior Safety App remotely monitors phone location and is used to protect against falls, wandering, online scams & abuse around the clock. Senior Safety App is built on a platform used by hundreds of thousands of users, across 97 countries to keep their loved ones safe.


Senior Safety

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The Senior Safety App is the brainchild of Dr. Devikaa Manghnani – an accomplished reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Manghnani wanted to create an app that bridged the emotional dynamics between seniors and their loved ones. The concept for the Senior Safety App was born with the idea to give caregivers and concerned loved ones a smart online monitoring system to keep an eye on their elderly loved ones.


Dr. Devikaa Manghnani saw the need to create an app that would help build a bridge of open communication between family members and senior citizens without either party feeling dependent or intrusive. Dr. Devikaa needed an app that was not only functional, but also easy to use, free, and driven solely towards the needs of senior citizens. While there were already many such apps available on the market, they all lacked one primary element that was essential to helping seniors – simplicity.


The Senior Safety App was built with core features like free and easy access to the emergency alarm and round robin calling of emergency contacts. Over time as the app was extended, features were added that have recurring costs and thus, a small subscription fee. These features include a 24×7 live location tracking, Geo-fencing, numerous functional alerts (fall, inactivity, low battery, network change in case of theft of phone), app install or uninstall with usage statistics and numerous other practical programs. The most significant benefit of the Senior Safety App is that it has helped to bring peace of mind to caregivers while giving seniors the confidence to live an independent life in familiar surroundings. To date, the Senior Safety App has been installed on more than 10,000 devices, with an overall 3.7 rating, and is one of the top ranked phone tracking apps within the senior safety category.

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