How to Conduct an Effective Employee Evaluations using AssessTEAM

Staff evaluation and performance reviews are critical aspects of management. A planned performance review allows management teams to discuss expectations met, exceeded, and fallen short of during a particular project run or a predetermined time period.

Traditionally, performance evaluations were done only once a year and formed the basis for employee promotions and compensation appraisals. But the trends today are different. More and more companies use employee evaluation software systems that allow continuous evaluation and feedback generation to enhance the organization’s overall performance and profitability. Perhaps it’s time you do the same.

1. Use a system that eliminates ambiguity.

Be sure to use employee performance evaluation tools and technologies that create an open line of communication between management and employees. It should allow not just managers to assign deliverables but also all team members to set clear goals and for themselves. The system should also deliver intelligent reports showing which particular people might need in what area, how they compare with other team members, and how they can improve. 

2. Choose a customizable employee evaluation software system.

The best software products can be adapted to your unique HR processes. For example, do you want to keep track of performance throughout the year instead of waiting until the end of it to gather feedback and provide assessment? Then choose software that allows continuous feedback generation and constant employee assessment to keep evaluations timely and relevant. Giving employees guidance based on timely feedback will also help them correct mistakes more effectively. Just the same, praising them for a job well done right at the moment of success will help boost their job satisfaction and encourage them to continue giving their best performance. In addition to periodic evaluations, project-based evaluations that are automatically given out at project completion should likewise form a crucial part of your assessment strategy so do ad-hoc evaluations that are given out for selected individuals, teams, KRAs or job titles, which are ideal for providing direct evaluations to specific employees, teams, or team members.

3. Give rewards to those who deserve it. 

For them to stay motivated, employees need to know for sure that they will be rewarded for good performance. There should therefore be no confusion on the measurement of performance. Use an employee evaluation software system that allows management to clearly and impartially see who the star performers are so that they can be recognized.

4. Be consistent.

Timely and consistent employee evaluation is absolutely key to managing a successful business. Choose an employee evaluation software that makes it easy to appraise productivity and performance on a regular schedule and generate intelligent reports based on collected metrics. 

Custom software lab has been part of the AssessTEAM development team since 2012. We designed the AssessTEAM mobile app and built their award winning evaluation engine. 

AssessTEAM offers a fully customizable employee evaluation software product that simplifies feedback management between employees and the management, hence paving the way for greater job clarity. This leads to greater fulfillment and productivity for employees and even greater profitability for the business. AssessTEAM’s employee performance evaluation software a simple to use, accessible, highly secure, and integration-ready platform. Try it today.

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