How Custom Software Lab is Helping Its Clients and Employees in this Global Crisis

The world is faced with a truly unique and unprecedented crisis situation. Even the biggest and strongest economic powerhouses are clamoring to contain the damage and rise above the many challenges that the pandemic is causing. Now more than ever, the resilience and the ability of custom web development companies to cope with huge paradigm shifts are being tested, especially as the effects of the global health crisis continue to unravel in enterprise settings.

Businesses don’t have a choice but to adapt to the new environment if they are to retain relevance (or a semblance of it) as the world goes through a transformation and for the times ahead. At the rate that things are evolving, you might wonder how a custom software development company like Custom Software Lab is enduring.

For a custom software developer like Custom Software Lab, it is more important than ever to come together as an organization and as a community. We are committed to ensuring the continuity of business not only for our enterprise but more so for our clients—all without compromising the health, safety, and wellbeing of our workforce.

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Many customers urgently needed assistance in moving their software to the cloud. Our engineers worked hard to make sure data transfers happened rapidly and our customers were able to operate with their workforce working from home.

Some employees simply did not have the right computing hardware or software to do their jobs, we created virtual computers for them on Microsoft Azure so using even the most basic computers they would have access to powerful software and hardware on the cloud.

Challenges like inability to access office servers continue to plague the industry, we create secure data repositories that are exclusively used for reporting so not everybody needs to go to the office.

Custom Software Lab is continuously seeking new ways to provide unhampered support to the tech community, our clients, and our vendors. We are doing everything possible to rise above the crisis and press forward through these challenging and uncertain times.

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Our top priority is the health and safety of support communities across CSL’s global network. Strict social distancing is being imposed, so our employees are working remotely. As a custom software development company, we are fortunate to have teams that are already remotely distributed and are accustomed to virtual work setups. Just the same, we are putting all necessary measures in place to make sure that data security is maintained, upholding the same customer satisfaction that we have always been known for.

While the long-term implications of the current COVID-19 crisis can be difficult to predict, we here at CSL would like to assure our clients that our company has not and will not skip a beat in providing the same high level of service required of each custom web development team and individual custom software developer under our care.

You can continue to count on our team’s flexibility and resilience, which fuels our passion for pushing forward through the global crisis for the sake of clients that need their innovative solutions in a changing marketplace.

Like most businesses, yours may be entering the next phase of crisis management. Perhaps you are stabilizing systems in place as the situation exposes different things that your organization can and cannot do. It’s essential to adjust strategies to ensure business continuity—to develop new and improved solutions to cope with the still-developing crisis. All businesses must be vigilant in thinking of better ways to stay above water as the pandemic runs its course, and as the world gears up for a significant transformation in the way the market operates—and in we all live our lives, in general.

If you need help developing, maintaining, or adapting your website, software, or IT systems at the moment, we’re here to help.

Our development teams have long-established and proven-effective virtual workplaces and work-at-home arrangements. We have access to tools, systems, and technologies that eliminate the need for person-to-person/face-to-face interactions while ensuring that all clients get the high-quality services they deserve.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can support you. Call 704-992-2027 or email us at [email protected].

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