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About Alpha Dental Clinic:

Alpha Dental Clinic is renowned for offering personalized services with General Dentists with multidisciplinary skills that can conveniently perform most dental treatments in the same location. From general dentistry to advanced treatments like Invisalign, orthodontics, dental implants, periodontics, and cosmetic dentistry like teeth whitening, the clinic offers top-notch care.


Alpha Dental Clinic is known for its quality dental care and friendly patient experience. However, their existing website didn’t offer prospective and current patients the same experience online. Their current website was not responsive and the pages were slow loading. It was also difficult to book appointments, making it difficult for patients to choose them as their dental health partners. These issues were causing their SEO rankings to suffer, and the patients who did visit their website had a frustrating experience and weren’t scheduling online appointments. There was an urgent need to turn this around and attract maximum visitors.


When we sat down with the team at Alpha Dental Clinic, we mapped out a design plan that would help enhance their digital presence, increase search engine results, and drive engagement that would lead to more booked appointments.

Here are some of the features we added to the website:

  • Responsive design so that the content can easily be viewed on all devices, and is also thumb-friendly so readers can easily see the site’s content.
  • Crafted a truly mobile-friendly experience, ensuring it loads quickly, it’s easy to fill out contact forms and offers an intuitive layout.
  • Built a multilingual website to expand horizons across the different cultures and language speaking audience
  • Improved SEO marketing efforts to increase Google search engine rankings, so the website is more visible to local patients who need dental care.
  • Designed easy-to-fill contact forms enabling customers to book online appointments only with only a few clicks.


As a result of our dedicated efforts, we delivered Alpha dental Clinic a website that was not only modern but also had great functionality to let the visitors find what they look for. The responsive design, fast loading pages, and easy navigation options worked great to bring in new patients. Once on their website, visitors can immediately see what services they offer and easily book an appointment with them. It’s simple, streamlined, and designed for busy people who are seeking high-quality dental care.

We build great-looking, highly responsive cross-browser, and cross-platform compatible websites – contact us for responsive web design services.

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