Oklahoma City Company Solves SPCC woes for Nations Farmer’s and Ranchers

Edmond, OK July 1, 2011 – One Resource Environmental Consultants, LLC announces the launch of www.farmSPCC.com, an online tool to help farmers and ranchers comply with the 40 CFR 112.

Software developed by Custom Software Lab.

In an effort to prevent oil spills, the EPA requires that facilities with oil storage capacities of 1,320 gallons or more develop and implement oil spill prevention, control, and countermeasures, also known as the SPCC rule. For Farmers and Ranchers the deadline to comply with the rule is November 10, 2011.

The SPCC rule has proven to be confusing and burdensome for our agriculture community, causing great stress amongst its members as to how to gain compliance by the deadline. One resource Environmental Consultants, LLC has tackled the difficult issues regarding the responsibilities and actions required of our Farmers and Ranchers and has created the ability for the creation and availability of both self certified and fully engineered SPCC plans.

“Our goal is to help all of the agricultural community be in compliance with the EPA’s 40 CFR 112 by the November 10, 2011 deadline. We realize that this is a tight timeframe, that is why we have developed a robust system to give our farmers and ranchers the tools they need to get into compliance immediately,” stated Caitlin Adams, CIO. “Instead of feeling lost in the shuffle, we want them to feel that they have a reliable business partner who exemplifies the industry standard for compliance. We are here to help educate, inform and solve their compliance issues. Enabling our farmers and ranchers to be able to take control of their environmental responsibilities will result in continued stewardship of our natural resources.”

FarmSPCC.com, developed by Custom Software Lab, is designed to aid the vast majority of agriculture producers who qualify for a self certified plan. Six simple questions allow program users to determine if they are required to have an SPCC Plan, and if that plan can be self certified. Once eligibility is determined, they are guided through a 20 to 30 minute interview detailing their oil storage, secondary containment measures and spill prevention procedures.

“We realize that everyone will not be in compliance with their current practices,” Adams states. “Our program allows users to honestly answer all questions and prompts them if a plan of action is required. Corrective measures and improvements can be scheduled at the time the deficiency is discovered. Our system will generate a reminder email that they have a scheduled task, and give them the ability to log on and amend their SPCC Plan.”

FarmSPCC.com is more than just a SPCC plan creation tool, it is a complete compliance solution for the agriculture community. Producers can choose to participate in a monthly subscription program that checks the requirements of the 40 CFR 112 daily and updates their stored plans as necessary. This feature, along with the ability to keep inspection, training and discharge logs keeps the producer in constant compliance.

Producers needing a fully certified PE plan have not been left without the ability to obtain one. Through a combination of the web based system and onsite inspections, One Resource Environmental Consultants, LLC has made it possible for farmers and ranchers to gain this level of compliance.
“The process for a fully certified plan is more difficult than the self certified version, but it is certainly something we can accommodate,” says Adams. “We are fully aware of the shortage of engineers around the country who are willing and able to provide these services. That is why we have contracted a nationwide inspection team and developed a fully certified SPCC plan that is second to none.”

In addition to SPCC plan creation, FarmSPCC.com also includes an online store where producers can order spill kits, secondary containment and many other products that enable them to be prepared for any oil containment problem that arises.

For more information on One Resource Environmental, visit: www.orenv.com or www.farmspcc.com.

One Resource Environmental is more than just is an environmental regulatory compliance consulting firm. We are the premier provider for a broad range of innovative compliance solutions for the oil and gas, alternative energy and agricultural industries. That sets One Resource Environmental apart from other consulting firms is our implementation of the latest technologies available to the industries. We utilize real time notifications to stay informed of regulatory changes that may affect our clients as they happen. We have also developed our own state of the art project management system that is unparalleled in our field.

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