How Blogging Can Strengthen Your Search Engine Optimization

Blogging: The time-tested method for enhancing your digital reach; the secret weapon in your arsenal that can help you to win in a battle of brands and Google placement. And what is Search Engine Optimization? To explain that, we’ll have to go back to the beginning.

Google’s automatic algorithms send out ‘spiders’ to ‘crawl’ your site to search for indicators that establish whether your website or blog is of worth. Some indicators that the spiders search for are content relevance and freshness, back-links and records of frequent traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of planting relevant information that the spiders can find and demonstrating – in a way that they can understand – that your site fulfills the criteria of a “useful site”. This leads to your website getting moved up the ranks to the front pages of Google’s search results. The more useful the site, the higher up the ranks it goes.

Your goal should be to get featured on the first page of Google’s search results, as that is what users first see when they search for content that your site contains. For example, if your site is featured on Page 10 of the search results, chances that a potential user will find you, is greatly minimized. Users rarely click through more than the first few pages of their search results.

Another way of quickly getting to the top of the pack, is to pay money for Google Adwords; otherwise know as Google pay per click. This means that you will get featured in a prominent spot where users can easily find you, but many users find Google Ads expensive and the more competitive the industry, the more you will have to shell out just to be featured some of the time. This is a great tool to start out with and then subsidize your long term online marketing strategy.

Among other things, Search Engine Optimization is a way of avoiding spending unnecessary money for services that you can engineer yourself. This is where a blog comes into the picture. A blog ensures you have active, frequently-posted content full of indicators that the spiders can crawl. The more content you have on a particular topic, the more content the spiders will have to affirm that you are an industry expert, with lots of valuable content that readers need to see.

With the new Hummingbird algorithm that Google has released, adding more ‘how to’s’ are invaluable to demonstrating that you are an industry expert. There are however, only so many times you can say ‘how to’ on your website. This is where a professionally written blog comes into play.

Cover every angle of aspects in your industry. When a user searches for anything related to a ‘how to’ in your industry, is it your content they are seeing? And do you have enough content to keep them reading for more than a few seconds? Many websites only have a few paragraphs of content – if that. A blog is where your more in-depth content can go, giving readers an incentive to stay on your site for hours.

Here are a few additional reasons why your blog is an essential aspect to your SEO strategy:

  • Blogging is your outreach to your customers. Post additional information about your business that readers wouldn’t otherwise see, such as your sales, product offerings, or achieving milestone goals.
  • Blogging can help your revenue grow with tools like Google Adwords.
  • Blogging helps you build quality back-links in a natural way.
  • Blogging gives you fresh content to share on your social media channels.

Last but not least, having an optimized blog does not mean you are set for success. You will need to regularly create quality, well-informed content. In Search Engine Optimization, content is king.For creating a professional, optimized blog, contact us today. We at Custom Software Lab are market leaders in design and development. Our team of technical experts can custom-design you a solution that will support the goals and direction of your company.

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