New Logistics Project Management Application Goes Live

Custom Software Lab has successfully developed a web-based project management web application for Always Express, providing them the the tools and organization they need to deliver unique projects on time and within budget to their clientele. This custom internal management system employs ajax, jquery, php and mysql database to maintain the client’s project data, while using an eCommerce solution to apply products and services to each of their projects. This project customization allows Always Express to define the needs and wants individually for each of their clients and track costs where applicable.

The user-friendly dashboard is designed to view current critical data to narrow down time sensitive projects ensuring that each one stays on track while offering online management of available products, applicable discounts and vendors. In addition, this new system has customizable privilege settings allowing access rules to be defined for employees with regards to different sections of the site. Enabling contract and proposal management is the document upload feature, this assists Always Express in meeting the required specifications of each project, thus allowing them to deliver successful projects to each of their clients.

“Always Express was a fun and unique system to develop, it gave me the opportunity to expand on my ajax and session skills,” PHP Developer, Jason Cotton said. “This system also provided many challenges for data management and if it’s one thing I like, it’s a challenge.”

The concept of Always Express began with the building blocks of personal involvements and pride; returning to the basic premise that nothing can substitute for human guidance and availability. We wanted to offer our customers the opportunity to be treated special. Each time the phone rings at Always Express you are greeted by an experienced professional that will fulfill your transportation request. Our operational staff is always closely monitoring an order from the first phone call to the final delivery. For more information, please visit Always Express.

Custom Software Lab is not a niche custom software development firm that focuses on a particular market. Our focus is building custom software applications that work for our customers, no matter what business industry they are located in. With over 10 years in the marketplace, we have had experience in almost all industries. Our clients range from new businesses trying to get a foot hold in their industry to large established corporations looking to improve their technical roadmap. We take problems and develop custom solutions for companies across all types of Industries.

For more information, please contact us at 1-888-278-81251-888-278-8125.

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