Custom Software Delivers SAAS Event Management App

Breakout Manager teamed up with Custom Software Lab to deliver a innovative new event management system that includes web based administration and a remote onsite iPad App. The new saas application allows event management companies to sign up online and manage events and specifically their meetings, staff and inventory online.

BreakoutTech is the iPad complement to BreakoutManager. Designed for the on site technician it offers a simple elegant solution to keeping your equipment needs and meeting times organized and up to date. With BreakoutTech you can lose the stacks of paper and printed schedules, impress your clients with the latest technology, and capture onsite changes and additions.

BreakoutManager is the only tool on the market to make the flow of information from end clients to staging providers easy, instant, and always up to date. No more excel spread sheets, out of date versions or overlooked breakout meetings.

View in the Apple App Store:

About Custom Software Lab

Custom Software Lab is not a niche custom software development firm that focuses on a particular market. Our focus is building custom software applications that work for our customers, no matter what business industry they are located in. With over 10 years in the marketplace, we have had experience in almost all industries. Our clients range from new businesses trying to get a foot hold in their industry to large established corporations looking to improve their technical road map. We take problems and develop custom solutions for companies across all types of Industries.

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