Custom Software Lab Offers Software Financing

When there is a lack of budget dollars for new software, everybody suffers, except your competitors.

When budget dollars aren’t available, purchases are often put on hold, stifling the progress of the company. The only people who benefit…are your competitors…with a technological advantage.

Software project financing can be the solution.

Custom Software Lab understands that cash flow is key in business success. Keeping ahead of your competition by developing innovative web, mobile and desktop software solutions will not only separate your business from the crowd; it will secure your businesses prosperity for the next decade.

If your business needs a little more payment flexibility, Custom Software Lab has partnered with Crest Capital to offer low interest payment terms up to 72 months. No financial statements are needed, rate and terms are based on your personal credit score.

While most banks do not consider software a tangible asset, we understand software is the nuts and bolts that makes each company run efficiently. Software financing through Crest Capital is your means of funding the total solution, including associated services, maintenance, and implementation of the software investment. For the software user, costs are spread over a multiple-year term, matching benefits received from the software. This means the business can let the solution pay for itself over the duration of the lease or loan — keeping more working capital liquid to fund investments such as additional payroll or facility expansion.

Leasing is an excellent means of financing software.

Even for a company with large cash reserves, leasing can prove to be the right choice by accounting for software acquisition off the balance sheet. In addition to preserving working capital and credit lines, an advantage for a business that decides to lease is that a lease can often begin immediately—even if provisions for the item are not included in the current capital budget. The advantage for the software vendor is a shorter sales cycle and 100 percent cash up front. When vendors offer financing, they have an advantage over competitors that do not offer the flexibility and ease of leasing. And fewer requests for discounting are heard when a monthly payment is included in the proposals.

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